On Thursday, May 30th Hunzinger held a company-wide party for employees and retirees at our Brookfield offices.  Over 150 attended the afternoon event that included a cookout with burgers, brats, a variety of beverages, and a raffle of prizes.

Together, we celebrated working ALL OF 2018 WITHOUT A SINGLE INJURY!  The party was also a chance to recognize some of our most recent retirees from the field like the always awesome Dan Alvey, Billy Meyer, Wayne Kuske, Dave Fischer, Greg Lefeber and Jim Callen.

We also gave a send-off to Lucy Fox who retired at the end of May after 29 years with Hunzinger as a member of the accounting team.  We cannot thank her enough for her patience and kindness as she tracked down everyone’s receipts and was an incredibly valuable member of our fine-tuned accounting machine.  Hunzinger CFO, Tony Klein, gave a wonderful speech and said good bye for all of us as we praised her time at Hunzinger.

Best of luck to Lucy and ALL our retirees!  Each one of you has helped make Hunzinger the successful company it is today.