Wacker Neuson Corporation Milwaukee is located at N92 W15000 Anthony Avenue in Menomonee Falls, WI. Hunzinger served as Construction Manager for this 75,000 SF expansion of their offices, testing and manufacturing operations. This addition and remodeling of existing offices was designed by Zimmerman Design Group, Milwaukee, and included a high-tech multi-tiered auditorium used for training sessions and special corporate activities.

The new precast addition to their existing manufacturing facility included additional offices, testing facilities and more manufacturing space for future expansion. The testing facility was unique in that it was constructed to create very isolated sound and vibration labs so that they could run machinery and conduct tests without interfering with the rest of their business operations. Special exhaust systems for testing were installed, allowing for the high-tech equipment testing that would not disturb other operations. Blending the new facility info an existing office and manufacturing plant as well as bringing the total campus into conformance with a newly created corporate identity program offered a challenge to the design and construction team but the results were an upgraded campus that allowed for continued smart growth with an improved corporate identity.


This was a highly technical project with critical components and complex construction elements to control sound and vibrations to meet the customer’s needs. They were going to be running tests on their construction equipment while on the other side of a common wall, they would be holding training sessions. Their offices were also on the other side of that wall. When we completed the project, It was very satisfying to be in the large training auditorium knowing that very intense equipment testing was taking place only a few feet away and you couldn’t hear a thing.

Tim Van Dyn Hoven, Project Executive, Hunzinger Construction Company