St. Bernard’s Catholic Church is located at 114 South Church Street in Watertown, WI. Hunzinger was hired to serve as the carpentry and selective restoration contractor to Langer Roofing for this intricate historic renovation of St. Bernard’s Catholic Church roof, steeple and clock faces. The project designer and engineer was Facility Engineering, Inc. of Madison.

Hunzinger’s scope of work included the reconstruction of the clock faces, dormers, louvers and steeple connection points at the historic building. Much of this work Hunzinger completed at our Brookfield, Wisconsin Headquarters. Our field staff worked tirelessly to replicate historical elements in our shop then transported and installed these features onsite. This project required extreme attention to detail and historical accuracy to successfully restore the roof, steeple and clock faces of this extraordinary church. A not-for-profit foundation was established to raise funds for the church’s restoration.

“Langer Roofing’s client St. Bernard’s Parish needed to replace the roof and the steeple on its 1880’s landmark church in Watertown Wisconsin. Reconstruction of its 100 ft. steeple and the historic clock accenting the community landmark was quickly determined to be key to the success of the project. Langer roofing brought Hunzinger Construction to partner with us because of its reputation for professionalism, carpentry craftsmanship and Hunzingers partnering skills.

For Langer Roofing this project was like constructing a work of art than a construction project. Langer partnered with Hunzinger Construction because of their skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The project exceeded the expectations of the St. Bernards Building Committee and Langer’s project management team. Consider this a recommendation for Hunzinger Construction on the behalf of Langer Roofing.”
Mark Langer
President, Langer Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc.