Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology is located at 7335 S. Hwy 100 Franklin, WI. Hunzinger Construction Company served as the General Contract for the two phase, $6.5 million renovation project to improve their housing facilities. Dimension IV Madison Design Group served as the project architects.

The first of the two-phased project called for installing a new elevator just off the main lobby in January 2018 in order for the second phase renovation work to begin.

Phase 2 includes 20,593 SF of renovations and adding 1,800 SF to create larger residential rooms in the existing dormitory space on the upper floors of the seminary.

When completed, there will be 32 larger rooms, each having toilet and shower facilities shared between two sleeping rooms. This phase is expected to be completed in the summer of 2018.

“This is an overdue investment in our future, and reflects the increased presence of faculty and seminarians from the Priests of the Sacred Heart expected during the 2018-2019 academic year,” said Father Thomas Knoebel, president-rector.

This work comes on the heels of a major project that involved renovation of the main lobby, reconfiguration or parking areas, and new signage, as well as significant upgrade of the student recreation room.

About Sacred Heat Seminary and School of Theology

With approximately 150 students, Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology is North America’s largest Catholic seminary focused on preparing men of all ages for priesthood. The seminary has a special focus on men over 30. Sacred Heart’s expertise ensures a rich, rewarding and effective formation experience for older men, while rigorously following the Program of Priestly Formation, 5th Edition. Approximately 30 bishops and religious superiors entrust their seminarians to Sacred Heart. Their core program is an accredited Master of Divinity Program.  Sacred Heart offers an accredited Mast of Arts Program open to laity, a robust ESL program serving religious communities and dioceses around the world and other programs.

The school, founded in 1932, is an apostolate of the Priests of the Sacred Heart. It’s located in Franklin, Wisconsin.

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“Working in an occupied space is always a challenge. It takes a great deal of communication and coordination to make sure that we schedule water, electrical, or mechanical shut-downs properly. As a contractor we need to be conscious of our surroundings and the building because we are working around residents, students, and staff. It is tough when people live in the space we are remodeling because typically we would be able to schedule work during off-hours of a business, but there are no off-hours so it requires a lot of communication between all trades and the client.”
Michael Jahns
Project Manager, Hunzinger Construction Company