As people increasingly seek out convenient options for shopping, The Corners of Brookfield announced it has installed 565 secure lockers in varying sizes for package delivery and storage.

The lockers occupy 4,700 square feet of space in the mixed-use development’s parking garage next to Sendik’s Market at 20190 Lower Union St. The lockers include 16 temperature-controlled, refrigerated lockers as well as a large package room.

IM Properties, the operator of The Corners, had partnered with Parcel Pending but “adapted its business model via a proprietary software platform to create and introduce ‘Premier Parcel,’ the first secure delivery locker concept to provide a wide combination of retail, shopper and residential benefits,” according to the news release. The new company is called Premier Parcel and is owned by IM Properties.

This story originally appeared The Freeman of Waukesha County, you can click to that here.