Pewaukee High School Addition and Remodel is located at 510 Lake Street in Pewaukee, WI. Hunzinger Construction Company served as Construction Manager for this 197,000 square foot addition and renovation designed by Eppstein Uhen Architects, Milwaukee. Hunzinger began work with the school district and design team for pre-referendum and pre-construction services in the spring of 2009. Their referendum was approved in November 2010 and the project was complete in the fall of 2012.

This 197,000 square foot project took place in an occupied school without disruption to the student’s education and included a new three station gymnasium, expanded cafeteria, auditorium, 8 new classrooms, renovation and expansions to the fine arts classrooms and fire protection system upgrades. The new auditorium was previously their gymnasium and we transformed it into a 750 seat, state-of-the-art auditorium fully equipped with customized LED seat lighting. The new auditorium features new ceiling clouds for amplified acoustics, a sizeable stage, set shop for props and scenery, orchestra pit, a new array of theatrical lighting, custom sound paneling, box office, dressing rooms, sound and lighting booth, catwalk and a full service concession area.

JoAnn Sternke
Superintendent Pewaukee School District