Miller Park Media Interview Room is located at One Brewers Way in Milwaukee, WI.  Hunzinger Construction Company was hired as general contractor for this 1,800 SF interior renovation project of Miller Park’s Media Interview Room.  Uihlein Wilson Architects, Inc. of Milwaukee were the project designers.

The first task at hand for the construction team included the removal of the existing ceiling in order for it to be raised to fit with the new design and the Team’s preference. New flooring and ceiling finishes were installed along with fabric wrapped acoustical panels to allow for better audibility of media coverage.  The new Media Interview Room stage is accented with maple paneling, along with a custom finished press room back drop adorned with sponsor logos. Custom signage of the Milwaukee Brewers decorates the multi-tiered room. New LED lights were added and provide optimum lighting for all participants along with upgraded audio and visual features to enhance the press coverage.

“The renovation was a bit of a challenge because we had to preserve certain parts of the existing media room and couldn’t just demo the whole thing, so I kept close watch on our demo crews. I remember that as we were completing the project and placing the logos on the wall that would be the backdrop of all the televised shots, we actually had to bring cameras in and run mock interviews to see how the logos would fall within the screen. One of the workers would pretend to hold a press conference and we would meticulously move the sponsor and team logos to maximize visibility.”
Pat Schoenike
Superintendent, Hunzinger Construction Company