Marquette University David Straz Jr. Tower is located at 915 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI on the eastern edge of the Marquette University Campus. Hunzinger Construction Company served as Construction Manager for this 170,000 square foot renovation. We turned a former YMCA facility into a state-of-the-art collegiate residence hall. Eppstein Uhen Architects, based in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, were the project designers.

In addition to the interior space being taken down to structure and fitted with new mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems prior to all new finishes, the façade was redone using brighter colors and installing a new window wall and wall panel system. The renovated building features double, triple and quad residences all with private bathrooms. There are individual study lounges on each floor, a kitchen and dining facility and a student fitness center.

Multiple phases of construction were accomplished through high level coordination of various trades to complete the majority of the work in a fully occupied environment.

Working on a college campus is always energizing and it’s great to be working on a project that you know is going to improve the lives of the students.  Although working in occupied spaces is usually a challenge, college students tend to be a little more flexible and accommodating, and their flexibility made this challenging renovation very enjoyable. The project turned out great and, like always, we had excellent subcontractors.

Tim Van Dyn Hoven, Project Executive , Hunzinger Construction Company