Lakeview Industrial Building is located at 10550 86th Avenue, Pleasant Prairie, WI. It is a 200,000 SF, one-story industrial/distribution center building in the Village of Pleasant Prairie in the Lakeview Industrial Development Park. It is precast and steel with 32-foot-high clear height inside to allow maximum flexibility for manufacturing or long-term storage and distribution needs.

The project is a development partnership between Hunzinger and Wangard Partners and is designed by Stephen Perry Smith Architects. The building consists of 174 precast panels that create the exterior walls of the 200,000 square foot structure. Most of the panels are 12 feet wide and 36 feet high, each weighing 20,000 pounds. The steel roof frame consists of 55 interior steel columns along with a 200,000 square foot roof structure. It will be one of the few buildings in the area to be built to LEED standards.