Building The Future Together

“This is an important milestone for this project and area. The strength of the market includes over $1 billion in planned development as of today which includes Foxconn, Amazon, U-Line, Aurora and Haribo. It’s a thrill to be a part of this level of economic development.” stated Stu Wangard, CEO and Chairman at Wangard Partners, Inc. “Industrial is blazing hot throughout the whole state; manufacturers and distributors of product continue to migrate into Wisconsin from Chicagoland. With Wisconsin’s business friendly environment even if the rest of the economy slows down throughout the United States the growth coming from Foxconn will keep our area strong for at least another 5-10 years.”

Stu Wangard

CEO, Wangard Partners

Pleasant Prairie (September 25, 2018) – Wangard Partners, Inc., (Wangard) and Hunzinger Construction Company (Hunzinger) recently broke ground on a 200,000 SF, one-story industrial/distribution center building in the Village of Pleasant Prairie (Lakeview Industrial Development Park) in July and are approaching another key milestone – the first precast panels of the superstructure are going vertical on September 27th.

There will be 174 precast panels that will create the exterior walls of the 200,000 square foot structure.  It will take about two weeks to erect and set all panels and most of the panels are 12 feet wide and 36 feet high, each weighing 20,000 pounds.  The precast was produced by ATMI Precast and is being erected by Waubonsee Development.

The next major milestone, the erection of the steel roof frame, is set to begin October 2nd with LeJeune Steel Company producing the steel that is being erected by Area Erectors.  There are 55 interior steel columns along with a 200,000 square foot roof structure.

This new 200,000 SF, one-story facility is precast and steel with 32-foot-high clear height inside to allow maximum flexibility for manufacturing or long-term storage and distribution needs. It will be one of the few buildings in the area to be built to LEED standards.

“It’s always great to see a building coming out of the ground.  We are on-track for this facility to be completed by the end of the year”, stated John Hunzinger, President and CEO of Hunzinger Construction Company.

To date there’s been strong leasing interest, which is being led by John Sharpe of Lee & Associates.


Founded in 1992, Wangard Partners is an innovative, full-service commercial real estate company committed to excellence in development, investment brokerage and management, syndication as well as property and asset management.  Based in Metro Milwaukee, Wangard Partner’s advantage is in the broad range of development, investment, property and construction management services provided under one roof. Wangard Partners, Inc. – Investment Real Estate. Simplified.


Hunzinger Construction Company is a fourth generation, family-owned company that serves the construction industry in Southeast Wisconsin. Founded in 1907, Hunzinger is a Construction Manager, General Contractor and Design-Builder that has constructed some of Wisconsin’s most notable projects. Hunzinger is a technically driven company that embraces sustainability practices and takes pride in their superior quality craftsmanship and safety record

Both companies have established a long history of building some the most sustainable facilities in the region. One of the first LEED Gold multitenant office buildings in Wisconsin was developed by Wangard. Hunzinger has taken sustainability to a new level through creation of a teaching Institute that emphasizes LEED and other sustainable initiatives.

Wangard and Hunzinger have worked on many construction projects together. Wangard acquired land next to a parcel that Hunzinger already owned, to construct the new development. Both Wangard and Hunzinger have numerous initiatives ongoing in the area. Wangard, along with other partners, will be investing over $200 million into the corridor.