Building The Future Together



Hunzinger Construction Company is a fourth generation, family and employee-owned company that continues to serve the construction industry in Southeast Wisconsin since 1907. We boast a lengthy roster of employees whose families have worked for Hunzinger for two and even three generations. For decades, we have fostered a family environment. Employees and owners mingle on the job and off – on beams and in tunnels, at barbecues and ball games. We are truly “a family company.” Our workforce reflects our strong company culture of pride, diligence and commitment to customer service. 

People love working here and we do everything we can to make sure our clients love working with us, too.



CEO + President

John Hunzinger has worked at Hunzinger Construction Company for over 45 years, with a majority of those, as President. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and has been a LEED Accredited Professional since 2006. John’s direction helped the company evolve within the industry.  Under his leadership, we have grown financially stronger, focusing on profitability with integrity as we remain steadfastly committed to growing our people professionally and technically.



Executive Vice President

Jim Hunzinger has worked at Hunzinger Construction Company for over 40 years, with a majority of those, as Executive Vice President. He has been a LEED Accredited Professional since 2006. He is a leader in Risk Management within the construction industry and shares his knowledge with our clients to help strengthen their projects and their interests. He is committed to ensuring that our people continue to pursue training to remain technically proficient and at the top of their professions.



Kevin O’Toole worked at Hunzinger Construction Company for over 30 years, almost 20 of those as Executive Vice President. Kevin oversaw Hunzinger’s business development and was dedicated to total client satisfaction. He fostered long lasting client relationships, ensuring that we work together as a team with care and respect. He was committed to providing excellence in the marketplace and keeping Hunzinger reputable as an employer of choice.

Scott Wendt
Vice-President | Project Executive

Ryan O’Toole
Vice-President of Business Development

Dan Cole
Vice-President of Preconstruction Estimating

Matthew Hunzinger
Vice-President | Project Executive

Tim Verheyen
Vice-President of Construction Technical Services

Kevin Sandkuhler
Vice-President of Risk Management

Kevin Lally
Director of Commercial Interiors

Phil Vetterkind
Director of Sustainability


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