Building The Future Together

Hosted by Hunzinger Construction Company and Sustainable Building Solutions™, the Green Building Conference is an annual event highlighting key topics in sustainability and green construction practices. Held on Thursday, April 21 from 7:30 AM to 10 AM, this conference is also sponsored by CBRE | ESI, InPro, Venture Electrical, Facility Value Management (FVM) and Haworth. The annual Green Building Conference draws more than 200 industry professionals including architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and business owners.

Our 8:00 AM keynote speaker will be Tim Dyer, Chief Storyteller & Managing Partner at Manifesto.  A 10-year veteran of engagement marketing, Dyer has launched dozens of Fortune 100 brand campaigns ranging from Jeep to Intel, Orbitz, Microsoft, HBO, Axe and beyond. Former Creative Director at GMR Marketing and Executive Creative Director of Summit Series, in 2011 Tim co-founded Manifesto, a social cause and innovation agency focused on engaging generation Y through powerful brand platforms. Hear Tim’s keynote speech entitled Stand for Something: Connecting with the Sustainable Generation. Tim will unpack the sustainability practices of global companies designed to connect with a new generation of employees and consumers.

To hear more from Tim Dyer and his unique perspectives and to catch Tom Kubala’s talk at 9:00 AM on Architecture as Meaningful Space: The Ground Game of Regenerative Design, register here. A continental breakfast will be provided and attendees will be eligible for 2 LEED continuing education credits.