Building The Future Together

Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity (MHFH) builds and renovates homes for families in need of sustainable housing. Their simple, decent, and affordable homes help transform the lives of our partner families and the neighborhoods in which they live.

Since 1984, they have built and repaired over 500 homes in neighborhoods across the city. By focusing house by house, block by block, one neighborhood at a time they are better able to help our partner families make the transition to homeownership.

Their homes are built with the “sweat equity” of their partner families. Depending on the size of these households, their partner families will complete between 285-495 hours in the construction of their homes and the homes of their neighbors. MHFH works with first-time home buyers, a portion of sweat equity is also devoted to financial education classes, as well as working with other neighborhood groups to establish a support network that lasts long after they move in.

MHFH couldn’t do what they do without the thousands of volunteers from faith institutions, schools, corporations and civic groups that support them in every aspect of home building. To learn more please click: Habitat for Humanity