Building The Future Together

The votes are in, the people have spoken, and Hunzinger Construction Company’s “M & M’s”, is the People’s Choice for best Canstruction effort at its new location at Milwaukee’s City Hall rotunda! In addition to the “People’s Choice” honor, Hunzinger also won the “Best Original Design” award. The Hunzinger team, led again by the Director of Hard Bids Brent Arnold, included fellow estimator Andy Seiter and Assistant Project Managers Brian Holz and Michael Hunzinger. All worked tirelessly to produce a green and red M & M bursting with personality and chocolatey goodness.

In its 4th year and a new partnership with the City of Milwaukee, the Jewish Community Center brought Canstruction, an international charity competition, to the City Hall rotunda. At the event, local architects and contractors are challenged to build giant structures made entirely of canned food. Following a public exhibition of the artistic creations, the food was donated to the Jewish Community Pantry located in the 15th Aldermanic District. The “build” began at 8:00 am on Sunday, December 2nd and the structures were on display through Friday, December 7th.

On Wednesday, December 5, Mayor Tom Barrett along with Alderman Russell W. Stamper, II, judged the Canstruction structures, all built following a “food” theme. The mayor noted at the ceremony that it was curious none of the teams built broccoli and instead all constructed sweet treats! The M & M’s, pretzel, cherry pie and cupcake were made up of 6,000 cans of food that were donated to the Jewish Community Pantry.

The other participating firms included GRAEF, Plunkett Raysich Architects (PRA), and Korb and Associates.

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