Building The Future Together

Left-Right: Joan Zepecki, Shannon Jefferson of Gibraltar Industries, Kevin O'Toole
Left-Right: Joan Zepecki, Shannon Jefferson of Gibraltar Industries, Kevin O'Toole(Executive VP)

Hunzinger Construction Company was recognized by The Daily Reporter for leading the way for diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Joan Zepecki has served as Hunzinger’s Diversity and Community Outreach Coordinator since 1994, with the preconstruction of the Wisconsin Center Convention Center and Miller Park projects.

These projects included diversity and inclusion goals of 25% of all construction contracts being awarded to minority, women, small or disadvantaged owned businesses and workforce utilization goals encouraging the hiring of City of Milwaukee residents and minorities and women.

For over 25 years, Hunzinger has been at the forefront of these programs in both the public and private sectors. We have exceeded diversity and inclusion goals on numerous projects.

Hunzinger completed the Miller Lite Stage Renovation and Gateway projects for Summerfest, achieving 34% SBE and 51% RPP, diversity and inclusion goals, which far exceeds the original 25% and 40% goals.

The Hunzinger team is currently working on the Milwaukee Bucks Entertainment Block and is on track to meet all its inclusion goals.

Hunzinger has had incredible results with over $360 million in contracts awarded directly to minorities and women owned companies, along with small or disadvantaged firms.

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