Building The Future Together


We have a long history of working collaboratively with school districts to help them make smart decisions that will generate public support and ultimately pass referendums. Hunzinger has the expertise to help school districts present the proposed project to their constituents and answer any questions regarding the specific elements of the construction project. We approach this initial phase just like the construction phase, fostering a climate of teamwork with the school district and design team. We focus on what will function best and work most efficiently for the schools because we understand and value the trust you put in us as your community’s dollars are spent to improve education in your district.


Hunzinger is proud to have completed well over 350 schools throughout Wisconsin and have often times been called upon to give our input into the programming and design phases given our vast experience with educational building types. We believe that this is a value we bring to school projects as well and further demonstrates that this is an area of our market that we have had an aptitude for successfully delivering.


Hunzinger’s marketing department will work with your team to prepare creative/targeted presentation materials designed to educate the community on the investment that they are being asked to approve. Town Hall style presentations, district wide mailers and local newspaper articles can all be utilized quite effectively to support these efforts.


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