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Corporate Office / Mixed Use

CUNA Mutual Group Corporate World Headquarters Main Entry & Lobby is located at 5910 Mineral Point Road in Madison, WI.  Hunzinger was selected as self-performing construction manager for this new corporate entrance addition, extensively renovated lobby and reconfigured landscaping and hardscape.  After a design competition that invited 5 premier design firms to present their vision for this more user friendly and accessible gateway into CUNA Mutual, HGA out of Minneapolis was awarded the architectural work.

This new modern and alluring 2,200 square foot glass and steel addition seamlessly ties into the 9,100 square foot completely renovated and rebuilt lobby that refreshes their corporate identity as it transitions to the more traditional existing offices.  The exterior landscaping and hardscape includes over 30,000 square feet of site work consisting of renovating multiple tiered planters, a new concrete and asphalt circle drive and adjacent parking, and convenient ADA accessible ramps and doors.  This fast tracked construction project is slated to be completed in only 5 months.

We have been working with Hunzinger since 2000 and I can honestly say that they have been absolutely great to work with.  The Hunzinger team has completed multiple projects in multiple locations over the years but most of their work is being done within the occupied campus buildings of our Corporate Headquarters. On the rare occasion that the work may impact or disrupt our staff in the normal day to day operations, an alternative action plan is planned and agreed to in advance.

Their workers are professional, respectful and courteous as they go about their assigned project. Interaction with our staff on a day to day basis is almost a requirement and they fit seamlessly into our corporate culture.  The teamwork and trust that we have developed throughout the years is a key to the overall success of our projects.

Brian Olson

Senior Manager, CUNA Mutual Group


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