The Toshiba Equipment Foundations project is an industrial warehouse located at 6623 W. Washington Street in West Allis, WI. Hunzinger was hired as the general contractor for this 6,528 SF project for Toshiba. The project included the demolition of existing structural steel, concrete mezzanine and stair towers. In addition, Hunzinger installed new concrete equipment foundations at Toshiba. This project was completed in a fully occupied facility. Computerized Structural Design, S.C. is serving as the project engineer.

Toshiba installed new equipment including a Pit Foundation, Lathe and Indicating Stand Foundation and a VTL Foundation as part of this project.

“This project was great because the amount of lean mix and concrete we placed within this existing and fully operating manufacturing plant was amazing. The foot print of the equipment pad was 6,579 square feet and the pit was 15 feet deep. We placed 1,563 cubic yards of lean mix and 2,695 cubic yards of structural concrete along with rebab and creating 424 grout pockets for a total of 98,685 cubic feet of concrete. We had 435 concrete truck deliveries, all within a fully operating facility. It was a great feat of coordination to pull it all together.”
Jon Sheahan
Senior Project Manager, Hunzinger Construction Company