Horizon Elementary School Addition and Remodel is located in at 458 Lake Street in Pewaukee, WI. Hunzinger Construction Company teamed with Eppstein Uhen Architects as Design-Builder on this 11,800 square foot fast-tracked addition and renovation to Horizon Elementary School. Construction work began early in April of 2015 in the occupied and fully functioning school. Our crews persevered through 11 ½ inches of rain that fell over the first two weeks of our mobilizing on site, creating a huge challenge to meet the August 15th completion date.

This project includes the addition of two one-story additions with two classrooms each and hallways, and a two-story addition that contains a new stairs and hallway and 4 new classrooms along with installing 200 lockers in the new hallways. Also included is a remodel of two existing classrooms to create one large group learning room and interior renovations to connect the new classrooms to the existing school. A full upgrade of the HVAC system with new roof top unit’s and variable air volumes controls throughout will increase building energy efficiency. Hunzinger self-performed all selective demolition and concrete work.

“We persevered through a lot of rain and mud. Our crews were great. Besides the rain, we had unstable soils to deal with and had to truck out 45 truck or 450 yards of bad soils. We worked with PSI who came in to test as we hit virgin soil and we developed a plan to move ahead. After 4 tough weeks of “catch up” our crews poured the footings and set the building slab for the new additions. After the unstable soils were removed from the site, our crews placed 405 yards of lean mix at the 3 addition footprints. We got back on schedule are pushed hard through all the bad weather and turned the school over on August 15th as requested. It was a great team effort.”
Pat Schoenike
Field Superintendent , Hunzinger Construction