MillerCoors Fermenter Building #77 is located at 4251 West State Street, Milwaukee in the heart of “Miller Valley” owned and operated by MillerCoors. Hunzinger Construction Company served as the General Contractor to construct Building #77 to house new propagating fermenters that we installed at the facility. The project was designed by URS of St. Louis, Missouri.

The MillerCoors Fermenter Building #77 project included a drilled pier / grade beam foundation installed adjacent to an existing building to support the load of the new fermenter tanks. The fermenter building enclosed the cones of the tanks and we built a new pipe bridge to connect the new equipment to the existing facility. The existing elevated catwalk was extended to provide access to the new fermenter tanks. This intricate project took only 4 months to complete. Hunzinger aggressively tracked the schedule and completed the selective demolition, all carpentry and concrete work with its own forces.

“This was one of the tightest sites that we have ever worked on. The project was at the far back of the plant and sat up on a hill. There were buildings on three sides and our access was limited to only one side. We made arrangements with a nearby neighbor to store some of our materials and required the deliveries to be “just in time”. This job took a good deal of proactive coordination but our crews were up to the task. We completed the project on time and within budget.”
Joel Becker
V.P. of Field Operations , Hunzinger Construction Company