Johnson Controls, Inc. Hangar at General Mitchell International Airport is located at 5300 South Howell Avenue in Milwaukee, WI. Hunzinger Construction Company was hired as Design/Builder to repair JCI’s hanger apron and parking area for 30 vehicles. All this work was completed while the hangar remained fully operational and our crews worked around JCI’s flight schedule. No flights were missed throughout construction.

Hunzinger engineered and designed the demolition and replacement of 3,200 Square Feet of apron in front of the main hangar door. The project also included the demolition and replacement of curb, sidewalk and apron adjacent to the tarmac with the installation of jet fuel resistant chalk throughout. The work called for modifying the pitch of the entire apron as the existing apron area was too flat for proper drainage. The crews complied with all TSA and FAA rules and regulations. All of the employees were subject to background checks and were badged in order to work within the gated and restricted areas and worked positively with the staff of General Mitchell International Airport security and JCI’s security guards. Hunzinger successfully completed this work within 6 weeks including effectively relocating the security fencing.