Gateway West Sustainable I is located at 3410 Gateway Road in Brookfield, WI. Hunzinger put together and led a Design Build Team that included Stephen Perry Smith Architects, Pewaukee, WI for this 34,000 square foot, LEED NC Platinum and LEED EB: O+M Platinum certified, newly constructed commercial Class A office building.

Our intent was to maximize opportunities for integrated cost effective adoption of green design and construction strategies following LEED protocol. The project team effectively implemented sustainable design measures through an Integrated Design Process. The team’s slogan became “practical sustainable design”.   Through effective use of building energy modeling, daylighting and photometric studies, numerous options and option combinations were considered. Neutral light is used in over 90% of the work areas and the building’s energy efficiency is 35% more efficient that the baseline design standard. Building features include, R-19 continuous insulation and air and water barrier, R-30 roof insulation, high performance low R glass with a value of .28 resulting in a building envelop that is 20% more efficient than the ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Standard. Water conserving fixtures yield a 37.1% annual water consumption savings and 66% of the steel roof framing and 50% of the brick exterior were salvaged and reused. A 78 panel/18kw photovoltaic array supplies 8% of the buildings energy needs. In the building lobby, two informational kiosks display real time monitoring of utility power and array power versus building load and overall energy savings. Today this LEED – NC Platinum and LEED EBOM Platinum Certified and Energy Star rated commercial facility showcases high resource and energy efficiency while also serving as an educational tool that aligns with the occupant’s desire to reduce the environmental impact of other facilities through the practical application of sustainable design measures.

Paul Oswald
President, Environmental Systems, Inc.