Building The Future Together

This summer Hunzinger Construction crews worked to relocated and expand Muskego High School’s Weight Room as well as renovate other classrooms.  Muskego High School is located at W183 S8750 Racine Avenue in Muskego and is the Muskego-Norway School District’s only high school.  Their old 2,400 square foot 1st floor weight room was cramped and had a failing floor.  Hunzinger removed the existing floor and installed new decking and light concrete and returned the old mats to the freshly painted room to turn it into a yoga and palates studio.


We then turned our attention to completing the new and expanded 6,000 square foot weight room.  The new room is located down in the basement, where two art rooms were transformed into one by taking down the block wall dividing them and opening up the space.  We tore out acoustic ceiling and exposed the deck, duct work, lighting bar joists and sprinklers and installed new spiral duct work.  We installed new ½ inch specialty pad flooring that comes in 4 foot by 60 foot rolls.  We also installed all the mirrors in the new weight room.

In the interim when the new weight room was being completed, we had to create a temporary weight room so that classes could be held all summer long and the football players wouldn’t have their conditioning interrupted.  Once the weights were relocated in their new home, we got to work to transform the temporary weight room into a new engineering lab.  Much to the delight of the owner and their budget, we were able to reuse all the existing cabinets and counter tops from the art rooms, now the new weight room.  And install them into the newly refurbished engineering lab.


All this work was done over the summer and Jeremiah Johnson, the Buildings & Grounds Supervisor and Safety Coordinator for the Muskego-Norway School District sent along a huge thank you stating, “The weight room has received nothing but positive feedback! As I walk through it has the feel as if it should have always been there! Your responsiveness to our needs has been phenomenal…from our weight room to secure entryways, bleacher footings, concrete work, office renovations, tile repair and so on! We greatly appreciate your fiscally responsive approach, when it comes to ordering products directly in order to defer tax charges as well! We are very grateful for the services the Hunzinger provides to us, and the individual effort from your staff!”