Building The Future Together

There’s still time to register for WI FH 5K on Saturday, October 31st at noon at Veteran’s Park on Milwaukee’s beautiful lakefront. This 5K run and walk was founded by Morgan Oldenburg, a field hockey coach at Devine Saviors Holy Angels High School who lost her mother, Melodie Wilson, to breast cancer in 2009.

All proceeds from the event will go directly to ABCD (After Breast Cancer Diagnosis), the organization Morgan’s mother founded 15 years ago. It will help ABCD’s free and personalized breast cancer support services thrive.

Join the Hunzinger team and sign up here today.

ABCD (After Breast Cancer Diagnosis) was founded in 1999 by Melodie Wilson Oldenburg to help women combat the emotional and mental aspects of the diagnosis of breast cancer. Having been diagnosed herself 8 years earlier, Melodie recognized that there were many organizations to support medical organizations that searched for a cure, but saw a lack of one supporting those already diagnosed with breast cancer. Motivated by her belief in the “power of one-to-one”, Melodie formed ABCD with a group of resilient and daring women. They created ABCD’s mission: to match those newly diagnosed with breast cancer to a trained mentor who would help guide them through the treatment and medical aspects as well as the emotional and spiritual parts of the journey.

ABCD can provide constantly improving breast cancer support services because of teamwork. A Board of Directors and Medical and Community Advisory Board support committed and knowledgeable staff, who in turn support passionate and well-trained volunteers. Together, they are what make ABCD tick. All of this is made possible because of generous donors.

To learn more about ABCD, visit: