Building The Future Together

Hunzinger Construction celebrated 10 years of its Troop Care Program with a special guest, Governor Scott Walker. Employees, family members and community volunteers alike welcomed Governor Walker for this very special troop shipment.

With the Governor’s help over 50 large boxes of supplies were packed and shipped to our service men and women serving overseas. This spring-themed shipment is expected to arrive before Easter Sunday. Boxes were filled with easy-to-prepare food items like Ramen, Easy Mac, beef jerky, gum, mints, trail mix and granola bars. These packages are also filled with necessities like white tube socks, underwear, toiletries, magazines, books and DVDs. Soldiers often request small toys and art and sports supplies for the children so we make sure each box contains something that they can distribute to local children.

Since early 2006, Hunzinger has spearheaded this effort which engages other companies, community members, local school and service organizations to donate much needed supplies to our troops serving overseas, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The results have been beyond our wildest dreams”, said John Hunzinger, President, “we have collected, shipped and delivered over 42 tons of supplies to 100 military units on 20 bases throughout the world.”

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