Building The Future Together

Hunzinger is pleased to welcome its Summer 2018 Interns. Mike Cappelletti and Clayton Vaughn will spend the summer at our headquarters in Brookfield and onsite for hands-on experience with current projects. We’re thrilled to have them as part of the Hunzinger team!

From Brookfield, WI, Mike is an incoming senior studying Structural Civil Engineering at Milwaukee School of Engineering. He first came across Hunzinger at MSOE’s Career Night. He’ll be spending the summer sharpening his skills in our Estimating Department. This is his second internship of his career, his first was in project management.

“I think it will get me great exposure to all different types of construction jobs since they (Hunzinger) have such a vast array of projects they work on,” said Mike when asked how working at Hunzinger will help in his future career.

Mike always liked building things since he was little. In high school he took Project Lead The Way courses. That affirmed that engineering was where he wanted to go.

On the side, Mike plays drums and guitar. He loves cars and often goes to auto shows with his dad. When he’s not jamming out he’s hitting the green for a round of golf.

From Batavia, IL, Clayton is an incoming senior studying Civil Engineering at Marquette University. He also first came across Hunzinger at MSOE’s Career Night. He’ll be spending the summer learning tricks of the trade as a Project Management Intern. This is his second internship. His first was as an Estimating Intern.

When asked how Hunzinger will help in his future career Clayton responded, “Learning to be more vigilant of safety risks and knowing the work of other trades. I’m trying to learn other what other trades do like electricity, HVAC, plumbing and painting. I only know utility and digging so far.”

Clayton’s inspiration to pursue civil engineering was his uncle who is an architect. He would love going to the buildings his uncle designed.

When he’s not learning the trades Clayton likes to play basketball, golf and hike, even though he thinks there aren’t many places to hike around here.