Building The Future Together


We are a fourth generation, family-owned firm that has served the construction industry in Southeast Wisconsin since 1907. We boast a lengthy roster of employees whose families have embraced the opportunity to work for Hunzinger for two and even three generations. For decades, we have fostered an environment of a blended family in which employees and owners have mingled on the job and off – on beams and in tunnels, at barbecues and ball games. We are truly “a family company.”

Our workforce reflects our strong company culture of pride, diligence and commitment to customer service. The average tenure for our Senior Project Management staff is 24 and Field Superintendents is 18. People love working here. We do everything we can to make sure our clients love working with us too.




John Hunzinger has worked at Hunzinger Construction Company for nearly 40 years, almost 30 of those, as President. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and has been a LEED Accredited Professional since 2006. John’s direction has taken the company through various stages of evolution within the industry with responsible growth as his goal. Under his leadership, we have grown financially stronger, focusing on profitability with integrity as we remain steadfastly committed to growing our people professionally and technically.



Executive Vice President

Jim Hunzinger has worked at Hunzinger Construction Company for nearly 40 years, almost 30 of those, as Executive Vice President. He has been a LEED Accredited Professional since 2006. He is a leader in the field of Risk Management within the construction industry and shares his knowledge with our clients to help strengthen their projects and protect their interests. He is committed to ensuring that our people continue to pursue training to remain technically proficient and at the top of their professions.



Executive Vice President

Kevin O’Toole has worked at Hunzinger Construction Company for over 30 years, almost 20 of those, as Executive Vice President. Kevin oversees Hunzinger’s business development and is dedicated to total client satisfaction. He fosters long lasting client relationships ensuring that we work together as a team with respect and caring. He is committed to ensuring we provide excellence in the marketplace and are regarded as an employer of choice.


Our dynamic Business Development team acts as a catalyst, initiator of new business relationship building and strategic partnering, and serves to sustain those special relationships. They lead marketing efforts and promote our corporate values and identity consistent with Hunzinger’s high quality reputation. They prepare proposals and make presentations, participate in trade organizations and lend their expertise to non-profit organizations to better our community. They develop relationships that connect us to corporate clients, brokers, architects, engineers, and consultants. They ensure that clients and staff members receive quality customer service by maintaining open communication, providing clear vision, support, and leadership.


Estimators at Hunzinger provide timely, thorough and accurate budget estimates, comprehensive project budgets, pertinent and accurate advice on cost savings and value engineering to project teams. They also complete conceptual cost plans, provide accurate quantity surveys, evaluate pricing, compare and analyze bids, create project specific subcontractor lists, maintain relationships with the subcontracting community, clarify discrepancy areas with the project architect and work constructively within a team environment. Our estimators consistently monitor the latest building codes, pricing structures, new materials, new constructability concepts and trends within the industry. Estimators at Hunzinger are laser focused on bringing projects in on budget.


At Hunzinger, we are dedicated to sustainable building practices and were the first contractor in the State of Wisconsin to complete Gold and Platinum LEED-CI Certified projects. To date, we have successfully completed over 35 LEED projects. We employ 34 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals, 100% of our Project Management, Preconstruction and Estimating staff are LEED accredited.

Our Sustainability Director has over ten years of experience in sustainable construction, administration management, and LEED certification processes and created a Waste Management plan that was incorporated as Hunzinger’s new standard. He oversees and educates our staff on how to specify and implement the green building strategies, techniques, and detailed building material and systems integration processes required to achieve sustainability goals. He continually remains abreast of industry opportunities for improvement relating to recycling and waste water diversion practices as well as new green building methods.


Project Managers at Hunzinger have ultimate responsibility for the success of your project. They ensure your satisfaction by using their technical expertise and proven experience to proactively manage your project’s cost, schedules, safety, and quality assurance. They provide leadership and leading-edge business management to supervise the personnel assigned to the project team and effectively work with designers, engineers and subcontractors. Our Project Managers control the job and make things happen. They create project value by proactively planning, organizing, leading the project team to continuously seek the most efficient means and methods of executing the project documents, to meet or exceed your expectations.


At Hunzinger, safety is paramount. Our experienced Safety Director provides dedicated leadership and moral influence to meet current safety guidelines and enhance objectives to reduce injury and property damage. He administers our award winning safety plan and tailors individual Site Specific Safety Plans for each of our projects. He supervises on-site safety personnel and conducts frequent and regular inspections of your project to ensure OSHA compliance and adherence to all regulations and best practices. He trains and orientates all personnel in hazard recognition and pre-planning for hazard abatement and closely monitors subcontractors’ compliance to maintain our exemplary safety record.


Project Executives at Hunzinger are the primary contact between our staff and you. They provide leadership for Project Managers, Project Superintendents, and Project Engineers. They regularly attend project management meetings and visit the job site to reinforce quality control. They work to maximize the resources necessary to successfully complete your project on time and within budget. They foster an environment of strong interpersonal relationships with ownership, consultants, and all project team members. They create project value by proactively planning, organizing, and leading the project team to continuously seek the most efficient means and methods of executing the project documents, to meet or exceed your expectations.


Our Project Superintendents plan, organize, and prepare the site logistics, schedule subcontractors for the most efficient sequencing of activities, and execute safety plans. They ensure smooth field operations, high quality work, comprehensive coordination, and aggressive scheduling as required by the contract requirements. They add value by providing total quality control, studying contract documents, and questioning all uncertain details. They continuously walk the job and inspect each trade’s work and compare work-in-place to the contract documents. They proactively search for problems and resolve them before the work is executed and verify implementation of all corrections for non-conformances and punch list items to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.


Embracing the latest and most impactful technology is part of our corporate culture and we have an experienced Virtual Design and Construction Coordinator that administers our trademarked Virtual Design and Construction Coordination (V.D.C.C™) process. This specially trained engineer is responsible for the integration of technology in our projects starting with 3-D spatial Building Information Modeling (BIM) along with cost and schedule detail to provide a total of 5-dimensions of project information in one virtual platform. This platform has been proven to save time and money for all project participants by maximizing efficiency of preconstruction planning, decision-making, systems integration, clash detection and long-term operations and maintenance.


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